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Christmas list 2009

Posted on: December 1, 2009 3:52 pm
I heard great news the other day. Bud Selig will be retiring soon. Thank you Santa, I can cross that off my list. Santa next year can you please see to it that the Lions don't play on Thanksgiving. I mean really enough is enough! CAN WE ALL AGREE THAT COLLEGE FOOTBALL NEEDS A PLAYOFF SYSTEM? Come on man! There has to be a solution better than what we have. Don't allow the Yankees to sign anyone to help them win another series. Dana White get Fedor into the UFC pal! How about letting the Cubbies win a World Series? On second thought no let's not because they suck! Would love to see 2 undefeated football teams face each other in the Super Bowl! Drew Brees vs. Manning! How awesome would that be? Romo do something in December brother so we don't have to hear about how bad you are next December! I remember when hockey was exciting, oh yeah back when they had more fighting. Where are those tough guys? No more ex-athletes trying to make it into the UFC PLEASE! Merry Christmas
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